Teacher Publication Data

S. No. Name of Teachers Father’s Name Designation Date of Joining Name of Journal Title of Publication N/IN
1. Dr. Ashish B. Goswami LATE N.L. GOSWAMI Asst. Professor 06-01-2014 Journal of Vishav Ayurveda Parishad (ISSN 0976-8300) VOL. 1-2, Jan-Feb-2014, Page No. 31-39 “Issues of educational reforms in Ayurveda” National
2. Dr. Rashi Sharma Sh. Shiv Kumar Sharma Asst. Professor 27-09-2014 IAMJ: Volume 2; Issue 3; May – June 2014 (ISSN23205091) Fundamental survey and study of relation between Manas Prakruti and personality types with the help of MYERS-BRIGGS type indicator (MBTI) International
3. Dr. Jyothsna Kumari SH. MURARI PRASAD Asst. Professor 08.08.2011 IAMJ: Volume 2; Issue 1; Jan – Feb. 2014 (ISSN23205091) THE CLINICAL UTILITY OF BASIC PRINCIPLES OF AYURVEDA International